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Intacct Advantage 2016
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The current list of Advantage 2016 sessions is shown below. To refine your session search, please use the filters on the left. Session details subject to change.

BL-102 - From Possibility to Reality: Using Intacct to Drive Finance Transformation

This session explores how Legendary Entertainment, a 2014 Customer Success Award recipient, leveraged the power of Intacct to transform its finance function. Come and learn about a journey that began in 2012 with the conversion from Sage to Intacct, and continues to this day using complementary solutions such as Concur, AvidXchange, Adaptive Insights, and Rightsline to improve processes, save money, and empower the finance department as an invaluable business partner throughout the organization.

1 Hour Presentation Dino Gioia
BL-103 - Preparing Your Business for Growth (Featuring GrubHub, Spiceworks and Indeed)

It is Business 101 to put contingency plans in place for when things go wrong. But what about if things go exceedingly well? Are you prepared to handle the growth and success of your business? In this panel discussion hear from your peers at GrubHub, Indeed, and Spiceworks, three companies that have achieved impressive growth over the past few years, about the steps you need to take to prepare for growth. Hear about how these companies manage everything from hiring, software applications, defining processes, reporting requirements, pre-IPO planning, audit preparation, and even some potential pitfalls most organization don't think about.


1 Hour Panel Michael Whitmire
BL-105 - Industry Insights: Technology Trends Driving Opportunities for Growth

It is more critical than ever for finance leaders to serve as forward-looking strategic business partners to the entire company. Part of that is understanding the latest technology trends--things like Internet of Things (IoT), Big Data, and the proliferation of mobile devices. These and other trends are presenting exciting opportunities for finance to help navigate their businesses through change. Join us for an insightful discussion with a panel of leading analysts on the right notes to hit to get your finance organization working in harmony with the future state of the industry.

1 Hour Panel Clark Newby
BL-106 - Building a High Performance Finance Team

Developing the finance leaders in your group is very important to the overall success of your business. But building a high-performance finance team takes more than just hiring good people. It is also about having a plan for success, understanding where the finance team is currently, and knowing where you want to take it. In this session, Samuel Dergel, a renowned author, consultant, executive coach, corporate trainer, and executive recruiter will share best practices, case studies, and lead an interactive discussion to help you in your quest to build a highly successful finance team.

1 Hour Presentation Samuel Dergel
BL-108 - Transforming Finance with Better Planning and Collaboration

Faced with rapid change, greater business complexity, and an ever-increasing onslaught of data, companies are looking for ways to stay competitive. Innovation must be embraced and nurtured, yet recent research reveals that over 60% of corporate finance teams still use spreadsheets to handle financial planning and analysis (FP&A) processes, and nearly 75% said that data-driven analytics are a top priority for them. In the same study, 70% of CFOs rank collaboration as a top priority for them in 2016. In this session, you’ll learn how two Intacct customers have increased their agility, enhanced their collaboration, and improved their decision-making by seamlessly integrating their Intacct data with Adaptive Insights for budgeting and planning.

1 Hour Panel Ephraim Peak
BL-918 - Adopting New Features: Endless Possibilities for Increased Team Efficiency

Most companies have the same challenge: how to keep ramping up their accounting team efficiency without adding cost. With Intacct, the possibilities for increased efficiency are endless because Intacct has an endless habit of adding new features, many of which use automation to gain that increased efficiency. We hear about these new features and functions from Intacct on a quarterly basis, but we don’t have best practices for adopting them and incorporating them into our daily routines and processes.

Come to this session to hear about real life examples, and learn tips, tricks, and step-by-step processes for adopting new features and functions and synthesizing them into your work flows. You’ll walk away with tools that help your organization define an overall strategy for adopting and implementing new features and functions, and gaining ever-increasing expertise and performance with no added cost.


CPE: 1

1 Hour Presentation Irene Bushnell
CFO-1101 - The Tech-Savvy CFO: Key Intacct Functionality You Need to Leverage Today

This product-focused session will help you understand what new innovations matter most to CFOs using Intacct, including what's coming next. Hear from the experts on how to take advantage of the best new Intacct features.

CPE: 1

1 Hour Presentation Dan Miller
Aaron Harris
CFO-1102 - The CFO Evolution – Becoming a Strategic Business Leader

The role of the CFO is going through a transformation. In this session we'll discuss the key benchmarks your finance colleagues are setting to rise above day-to-day accounting tasks and serve as strategic leaders of their businesses. Armanino will share the results of their recent CFO Evolution Survey and provide key takeaways that finance leaders can implement to take their organization, and more specifically their role as CFO, to the next level.

1 Hour Presentation Matt Armanino
Lindy Antonelli
CFO-1103 - Improved Insights: See Your Business Like Never Before

This session will be presented with a CFO Primer on ASC 606 from the AICPA.

With increased macroeconomic pressures comes a greater need for real-time visibility into your business to ensure you know what's driving performance. In this session, hear from a panel of your peers on the key metrics they are monitoring to run their business and how to get the most out of Intacct's reporting and dashboard capabilities. Learn how these companies track both operational and financial data—by business driver—to gain a more granular view of their organization.

CPE: 1

1 Hour Panel Vijay Ramakrishnan
CFO-1105 - Executive Roundtable: Intacct in 2017 and Beyond

In this session, a panel of Intacct executives will discuss the key focal areas for the company in 2017 and provide a glimpse into what you, our customers, can expect. We'll also answer the burning questions you have for Intacct.

1 Hour Panel Clark Newby
CFO-1106 - Key Habits of Highly Effective CFOs

The role of the CFO has expanded significantly in the past decade. The skills of the “old school” CFO – financial reporting, compliance, and expense management – have been replaced by skills that better support the needs of organizations competing in an increasingly complex economic world. Now more than ever, organizations need strategic, collaborative, and versatile CFOs – executives who truly understand how the business works and what financial strategies best support it. In this session, Jack McCullough, founder of The CFO Leadership Council, will discuss the key skills that CFOs need and where they should focus their development to ensure they are effective leaders for their organization.

1 Hour Presentation Jack McCullough
DI-301 - Best Practices for a Painless Inventory Implementation

Getting the right inventory implementation is crucial. In this session, an experienced Intacct partner will share best practices for implementing inventory, including the tips and tricks that make their clients successful. Learn how to configure Intacct inventory to match your workflow, while ensuring accurate item costs, quantities, and GL postings.

CPE: 1


1 Hour Presentation Drew Kangieser
DI-302 - The Power of Intacct Kits and Stockable Kits

This is the place to learn everything about kitting in Intacct and find out what using kits can do for you. The use of Intacct kits and stockable kits can be incredibly valuable for industries from manufacturing to software. And you don't even have to use inventory to get that value. Come learn how to build, sell, and report on kits.

CPE: 1

1 Hour Presentation Baran Sonmez
DI-303 - Transaction Definitions for Inventory

Do you want to automate your inventory so that quantities, value, and cost are automatically updated based on sales and purchasing transactions? In this session, you’ll learn best practices for configuring Order Entry and Purchasing transaction definitions to automate your inventory processes. You’ll find out how to set up transaction definitions to track quantities on hand, on hold, on order, and overall inventory value. You’ll learn how Intacct calculates item cost as inventory is purchased, and how to set up transaction definitions to post cost of goods when inventory is sold.

CPE: 1

1 Hour Presentation David Bell
DI-304 - Getting Started with Intacct Inventory

Join us to learn the basics of how to use Intacct Inventory Control, including using purchasing and sales transactions, how to do inventory adjustments, and how to transfer stock between warehouses. We'll discuss best practices for doing a physical inventory count with Intacct, and how to review item activity and item costs. Not sure if Intacct Inventory Control is right for your business? We'll also take a quick look at what business characteristics are a great fit with Intacct Inventory Control. Bring your questions and get quickly up to speed!

CPE: 1

1 Hour Presentation Erika Tingey
DI-305 - What's New in Intacct Inventory

Already familiar with Intacct Inventory? Come learn what's new and enhanced in the last few releases. We'll go over new features like drop ship and Warehouse as a dimension, along with recent changes that will make your inventory more accurate and easier to implement.

CPE: 1

1 Hour Presentation Erika Tingey
DI-306 - Optimize Your Inventory Insight with Inventory Reporting

Getting accurate reporting out of your inventory system is crucial to your business. Learn what reports Intacct Inventory Control provides out of the box, and what additional reports are key to ensuring you can get the right data to help you make decisions to manage inventory to optimize your business needs. We'll even show you how to create at least one key additional report.

CPE: 1

1 Hour Presentation Russ Lemker
DI-307 - Validating Intacct Inventory

Join us for tips and tricks on how to successfully tie out inventory valuation to GL balances, track down discrepancies, and fix issues in your workflow that are causing headaches with your inventory. We'll walk through how to fix common problems, and give you tools you can use to keep your inventory on track.

CPE: 1

1 Hour Presentation Erika Tingey
DV-201 - Take Advantage of Amazon Web Services and Intacct

Does your Business Intelligence (BI) or integration strategy require pulling data from Intacct? In this session, we’ll provide an overview of the technical solutions available with Amazon Web Services, from simple data extraction to data processing, hosting, and API-code manipulation. To start, we’ll cover the options for extracting data from Intacct, including the new Data Delivery Service (DDS) feature that lets you deliver your data from Intacct to Amazon Web Services. Then, we’ll cover how you can use Amazon Web Services with Intacct’s API and web services to process data or even host an integration.

CPE: 1

1 Hour Presentation James McGonegal
DV-202 - Best Practices Using Intacct Web Services

Creating integrations with Intacct goes smoothly when you follow certain key policies and processes. Let us show you some of the proven methods our technical services team uses to successfully integrate Intacct with external applications. You'll also learn best practices around securing credentials, processing looping records with related data, initiating external processes from Intacct, and much more.

NOTE - This advanced course assumes a working knowledge of API tools and XML.

CPE: 1

1 Hour Presentation James McGonegal
DV-203 - Implementing Custom Interfaces between Intacct and Third-Party Applications

Does your company need to record information in Intacct that originates from a third-party application? If so, come and learn about several use cases for implementing custom interfaces between third-party applications or processes and the best practices for successful development. We'll discuss the importance of documenting an accurate current state and future state, analyzing the cost/benefit of maintaining status quo versus investing in a custom interface, and ensuring that any data being recorded in Intacct from third-party applications is complete and accurate. In addition, we'll cover best practices for working with multiple teams (client, implementation partner, developers, and third-party contacts) to build, test, and implement an interface successfully and support the interface after go-live time.

CPE: 1

1 Hour Presentation Megan Smith
Roisin McClean
DV-204 - A Case Study in Intacct Platform and Integration Development

Creating Intacct Platform and integration applications can raise unique issues that you might not anticipate. Join us to walk through a case study of an actual development and integration process and learn best practices for development, as well as how to avoid the real-life pitfalls you might encounter. We’ll discuss the benefits of using the Platform or a local configuration file, using the session ID when starting an integration, leveraging dashboards or generic Platform pages, and much much more.

CPE; 1

1 Hour Presentation Tim Miller
DV-205 - Adapting Intacct for Your Business Needs

You’ve implemented Intacct, and now want to customize your solution and tailor it to your business needs. In this panel discussion, you'll hear veteran and newly-initiated Intacct Platform and integration developers discuss how they adapted standard Intacct applications to work with their Platform and integration applications.

1 Hour Panel Robert Shawgo
DV-206-L - Build Your First Platform Application

Bring Your Laptop!  Do you have processes or business functions that you wish were available right inside your financial system? Perhaps you currently track a critical process in spreadsheets and lie awake at night hoping nothing happens to those painstakingly-entered rows of information. In this hands-on session for application developers and IT professionals, you'll learn how to streamline your work by taking an unsecured manual process and turning it into a secure application that you can access right inside Intacct. We'll even teach you how to link it to your existing financial information. This is your chance to unleash the power of the Intacct Platform for your business.

CPE; 2

2 Hours 30 Minutes Hands-on Lab Robert Shawgo
Expo - Marketplace Expo Happy Hour

Join us for a drink and spend some time visiting with our partners to learn about other best-in-class solutions that complement your Intacct solution. Or, check out what's new in the Intacct Demo Zone and meet with Intacct experts explore the new features.

1 Hour 30 Minutes Special Event
GL-401-L - Consolidated Reporting with Intacct Global Consolidations

Bring Your Laptop! This hands-on session will provide the tools necessary to build consolidated financial reports for entities with multiple base currencies. In this session, we’ll provide real-world examples of consolidated reports, run a consolidation in US currency, and build a report from the ground up incorporating these financial results.

CPE: 2

2 Hours Hands-on Lab David Bell
GL-404 - Implementing Intacct in a Multi-Everything Environment with Global Consolidations

Are you ready for the consolidated financials and insight that comes with Intacct Global Consolidations, but  are searching for best practices and guidelines needed for success? During this session, we’ll share case studies of how configuration settings within Intacct Global Consolidations impact inter-company transactions and eliminations. We’ll address the impact of transacting across entities with different base currencies and discuss best practices for redesigning your business processes to get the most from Intacct's foreign currency translation and inter-entity eliminations. We’ll cover what you’ll gain from enhanced reporting visibility and one-click consolidations, and detail best practices for setup within the Intacct Global Consolidations application.

CPE: 1

1 Hour Presentation Eoin Carbury
GL-405 - Consolidations: Going Global with Intacct

When companies first expand globally, they often use general purpose tools like Excel to convert operational results in local currency to consolidation currency. This methodology is not scalable, and as the number of multi-currency transactions and entities with unique base currencies increases, this practice becomes riskier. Learn best practices for introducing Intacct Global Consolidations into an existing Intacct company. This discussion is also highly-relevant to new Intacct customers who are configuring Global Consolidations at the onset of their implementation.

CPE: 1

1 Hour Presentation Lesley Rogers
Nancy Fliss
GL-406 - One Size Doesn't Fit All: Meeting Diverse Reporting Requirements

Do you deal with countries and regulatory agencies that require different reporting standards? In this session, you’ll learn how Intacct lets you maintain one set of financial data, while producing reports for a variety of audiences. We’ll cover how alternate reporting account sets let you generate reports that meet different regulatory rules. At the same time, we’ll demonstrate how you can adjust GAAP books for shareholder reporting while you maintain tax books for various tax authorities, all from in a single Intacct instance.

CPE: 1

1 Hour Presentation Winifer Cheng
GL-407 - Making International Payments

Making international payments on time, while managing cash flow, can be challenging. If you think keeping track of payment services in the United States is difficult, imagine how daunting it can be to understand and comply with international payment standards. In this session, we'll demonstrate some of the international payment solutions available from Intacct Client Services team and partners. We'll help you understand the markets where standards are more localized, explain international transfers, and review vendor payment methods, with a focus on solutions that serve markets where wire transfers are common and standards vary by bank.

CPE: 1

1 Hour Presentation Roy Mitchell
Tim Miller
GS-100 - General Session: Imagine the Possibilities

Join Intacct CEO, Rob Reid, for this year’s opening keynote as he lays out the Intacct vision for 2017 and beyond. Along with Intacct CTO Aaron Harris, Intacct Vice President of Products Dan Miller, and other special guests, Rob will share exciting news and discuss the “possibilities” coming to take your company to the next level.

1 Hour 45 Minutes General Session
GS-200 - General Session: Profiles in Possibilities

One of the best ways to discover the possibilities for your organization is through the lens of what your fellow Intacct customers are already doing to change their industry, or the world. Join us as we share a variety of customer stories and explore the possibilities these companies realized through the strength of their corporate vision, the impact our nonprofit customers are achieving, and how Intacct is helping them drive change and realize greater potential.

1 Hour 45 Minutes General Session
IR-501 - Flex Your Data: Using Dimension Groups and Structures in Reports and Graphs

Are you looking for better or deeper insight into you business?  Are you interested in more powerful ways to analyze the financial information you already have in Intacct? In this session, we’ll walk you through the steps to create dimension groups and structures, and demonstrate how to use them in financial reports and the new waterfall chart. We'll walk through several business use cases, demonstrating how Intacct can help you build understanding and drive  decisions within your organization. 

CPE: 1

1 Hour Presentation David Bell
IR-502 - Using Statistical Journal Accounts for Payroll Cost Analysis

Do you want to know your real payroll costs, so you can do better budgeting and planning? What would happen if you added a new staff member, or reduced hours in certain areas? We’ll share how we analyze payroll costs within Intacct so we can make better decisions. You’ll learn how to enter payroll data in Intacct, using statistical journal entries. Then, you’ll learn how to harness that data to create various calculations that tie into reporting, such as calculating the average hourly cost of an employee broken down by job function, department, and direct versus indirect costs.

CPE: 1

1 Hour Presentation Alicia Summers
IR-503 - Make an Impact with Intacct Account Groups

Account Groups are more than just groups of accounts. They are the very foundation of financial reports and dashboards in Intacct. We’ll explore the four types of account groups and the many ways they can be used in reports and dashboards. In this session you'll learn how to create account groups and how to use them to build custom charts, graphs, and financial reports. You’ll also learn how to add key business metrics to your dashboards using performance cards (KPIs)  based on account groups. Get ready to dive into the possibilities of how you can start leveraging account groups.

CPE: 1


1 Hour Presentation Todd Bowlsby
IR-504 - Visual Indicators: Automatically Draw Attention to What's Important in Financial Reports

Not all users of financial reports are numbers people. Explore the possibilities of adding charts and visual indicators to your out-of-the-box or custom financial reports to help your report users to quickly see what's important. We’ll introduce you to the different types of charts and visual indicators, such as color scale, conditional highlighting, comments, and sparklines, and show you how you can use them to add value, depth, and insight to your reports.

CPE: 1

1 Hour Presentation Eric Lasiloo
IR-505 - Keep Your Stakeholders Informed with Automated Report Distribution

Are you responsible for delivering reports to people who don't use Intacct regularly inside or outside the company? In this session, you’ll learn how to prepare financial reports for distribution and make them available to those outside of the system. Specifically, you’ll learn how to create monthly financial reporting packages with cover letters, email and schedule financial reports, and store reports in different cloud applications.

CPE: 1

1 Hour Presentation Kristin Jeffcoat
IR-506-L - Drive Increased Visibility with Intacct Dashboards

Bring your laptop! To stay competitive, you're asked to provide faster and more granular visibility into what's driving the performance of your company. Intacct dashboards, report visualizations, and performance cards are critical for uncovering deeper insight into your business. Offer your organization increased transparency by highlighting key metrics that tap the hidden potential in your business. In this hands-on session, learn how to quickly set up and optimize your Intacct dashboards, and learn about features that allow you to easily enhance and customize your dashboards to meet the needs of a diverse set of stakeholders.

CPE: 2

2 Hours Hands-on Lab Lola Tinney
IR-507B-L - Intacct Budget Reporting-REPEATED

Bring Your Laptop! Is your budget data not speaking to you? Is it still in Excel? In this hands-on lab, you'll learn how to take your actual numbers and create budgets. With your budget in Intacct, you'll find out how easy it is to track how you're doing against your budget, update your budget, and keep a record of your changes. Using the power of Intacct financial reporting, you'll create a report that shows how much you've spent and how much is left, and compare multiple budgets in a single report. Imagine knowing exactly how you're tracking against your budget in minutes, not hours.

CPE: 2

2 Hours Hands-on Lab Lola Tinney
IR-507-L - Intacct Budget Reporting

Bring Your Laptop! Is your budget data not speaking to you? Is it still in Excel? In this hands-on lab, you'll learn how to take your actual numbers and create budgets. With your budget in Intacct, you'll find out how easy it is to track how you're doing against your budget, update your budget, and keep a record of your changes. Using the power of Intacct financial reporting, you'll create a report that shows how much you've spent and how much is left, and compare multiple budgets in a single report. Imagine knowing exactly how you're tracking against your budget in minutes, not hours.

CPE: 2

2 Hours 30 Minutes Hands-on Lab Lola Tinney
IR-508 - Leveraging Alternate Reporting Accounts in Intacct

Do you have regulatory, statutory, or client-specific reporting needs? Do you need different account numbers or account names to meet each of these reporting needs? The alternate reporting accounts available in Intacct let you satisfy your reporting requirements and save time by mapping your data to multiple charts of accounts. We'll demonstrate how this capability improves your efficiency, reduces data entry errors, and expands your reporting capabilities.

CPE: 1

1 Hour Presentation Danielle Inocencio
IR-509 - All in One: Overcome Multi-Book Reporting Challenges

Are you dealing with different reporting requirements for GAAP, tax, or even an industry standard, such as NCREIF for real estate? By design, Intacct is multi-basis with multi-book support. Whether you need only single-basis reporting for GAAP, or you need to report across multiple standards, you are covered with Intacct. Managing reporting differences has never been so easy—come learn about how multiple reporting books can solve your reporting challenges.

CPE: 1

1 Hour Presentation Winifer Cheng
NP-601 - Improve Your Nonprofit With Flexible Integration

Your organization gets data from multiple sources—online donations, event registrations, volunteer applications, newsletter signups—the list goes on and on. Some of this data stays in separate databases or spreadsheets. Ultimately, this data needs to get into your donor management/CRM application and much of it needs to flow into Intacct. If you’re like most nonprofits, your data is moved manually from one system to another, probably not often enough, and the process is painful and error-prone. In this session, you’ll learn how other nonprofits have used integration platforms to enjoy seamless integration across their applications.

1 Hour Panel Joan Benson
NP-602 - Extreme Workflows

Do you have the necessary control of and insight into your increasingly complex business workflows? If not, learn how to add approvals to key workflows within Intacct. Workflow approvals enable you to put key controls in place to help you automatically enforce policy and add oversight within your organization. In this session, we'll look at areas that support approvals and share tips and tricks on configuring and customizing these workflows.

CPE: 1

1 Hour Presentation John Tiso
NP-603 - Budgeting, Forecasting, and Insight for Nonprofit Management

Being able to comply with FASB and funder guidelines for compliance reporting is a requirement for every nonprofit organization. To realize your organization's potential, you need the ability to plan, forecast, and deliver meaningful insight to your organization's leadership. In this session, we'll discuss reporting strategies and tools you can use to turn your Intacct data into valuable insight for management.

CPE: 1

1 Hour Presentation Joe Giorgio
NP-604 - Unleashing the Power of Statistical Accounts

Establishing key performance indicators is a proven way for a nonprofit organization to evaluate and measure progress toward their identified goals. Understanding the impact an organization has on the community they serve is an integral part of the success of their mission. The organization must be able to present statistical data to decision makers to provide insight and visibility so that impacts can be evaluated and decisions can be made based on that data. In this session, we'll show how to create statistical accounts and statistical components and computations for use in financial reports and dashboards, and we'll evaluate best use cases for measuring results.

CPE: 1

1 Hour Presentation Tammy Bunting
Glen Strack
NP-605 - Tracking Purchasing Commitments

Do you need more visibility into total spending versus budget? In this session, we'll show you how to use Intacct Purchasing and user-defined books to track purchasing commitments and prepaids along with your actual expenses. Learn how to build a Purchasing workflow and financial reports that will give you a complete picture of spending versus budget. See how other Intacct customers,such as Hamilton County Tourism and Atlanta CVB,are already using these features to gain more insight and make better spending decisions.

CPE: 1

1 Hour Presentation John Merrick
Abe Mathew
Troy Stoneberger
NP-606 - Managing Allocations with Intacct

Are you ready to ditch the spreadsheets and automate your month-end process? In this session, you'll learn the basics of allocations in Intacct. Then, we'll demonstrate how the CliftonLarsonAllen Allocation Management module takes automation to the next level, allowing you to use your financial and statistical data already in Intacct to calculate allocation percentages, amounts to allocate, and even creating and posting your allocation journal entries.

CPE: 1

1 Hour Presentation John Merrick
Abe Mathew
Keven Truhler
NP-607-L - Maximizing Success with Nonprofit Dashboards

Bring Your Laptop! Program management is the lifeblood of many nonprofits. Imagine a program manager signing in and immediately viewing all the relevant information surrounding the activities and financials of their programs--right at their fingertips. In this hands-on session, we'll walk through the steps to build powerful dashboards that deliver program-specific metrics, reports, and charts to give your managers instant visibility into the success of their program. You'll learn how to graphically display metrics like the overall cost of a program, as well as the cost per person served or activity completed. At the end of this session, you'll have all the tools necessary to build Intacct dashboards that can transform your financial system of record into a driver for efficiency.

CPE: 2


2 Hours 30 Minutes Hands-on Lab Danielle Munch
NP-608-L - Compliance Reporting with Ease

Bring Your Laptop! Are you responsible for compliance reporting for your 501(c)(3) nonprofit? Intacct contains everything you need to do compliance reporting painlessly and with ease. In this hands-on session, you will learn how to create a Statement of Cash Flows - Direct Method, an Unclaimed Funds report, and a Statement of Functional Expenses. We'll provide step-by-step tutorials to turn you into a nonprofit reporting pro.

CPE: 2

2 Hours Hands-on Lab Danielle Munch
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